A Semiotic Review of Cultural Transfer in Advertising
Reklamlardaki Kültür Aktarımının Göstergebilimsel Bir İncelemesi

Author : Şenay YILDIRIM
Number of pages : 344-357


Advertisements, which are a part of the consumer society, are an important tool for product marketing. When introducing the product to the public, it is often used both in literary expressions and in images. During the promotion of the marketed product, the possibilities of language are applied. It is observed that language is used skillfully to address the feelings and minds of the target audience. Which segment of the society the language used in advertising addresses the product will vary according to the audience. From this point of view, advertisements may also include cultural elements of the society to which they appeal. In this study, advertisements were investigated by content analysis method. The plain and side meanings of visual messages in advertisements are explained based on Barthes theory. The aim of the study is to perceive the direct or indirect messages that are tried to be given to us in advertising and to draw attention to the cultural elements that the messages are presented to us. The sample of the study constitutes the ads of Lay’s “Ayşe Teyze”, the world-famous potato chips brand. Questions such as “What are the cultural transmissions or associations provided in these advertisements?”, “What are the cultural connotations in the target group?” will be answered.


Advertising, semiotics, culture transfer.


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