Interpreting Market in Turkey: Current Situation And Expectations
Interpreting Market in Turkey: Current Situation And Expectations

Author : Sibel Okuyan - Özden ŞAHİN - Hüseyin ERSOY
Number of pages : 256-272


Interpreting is, in all its forms, gaining importance both in Turkey and the world. Interpreting market is affected by both local and global factors, such as globalization and technological developments. The interpreting market in Turkey is growing, both due to the economic developments and mass migration movement. In addition, the translation and interpreting departments in the universities graduate many translators and interpreters who face many problems in the market. In order to prepare the graduates in accordance with the market expectations, thus increasing their employability, the market conditions of today and the future should be taken into consideration by the translation and interpreting departments. This study focuses on market demands in the interpreting market in Turkey. Representatives of 47 interpreting companies have been administered an online survey. The current state, the expectations from interpreting education, the expected qualities of graduates, as well as the predictions of interpreting market have been asked and the questions are presented with a view to making suggestions for the interpreting curricula in Turkey. The answers have been analyzed with content analysis method and suggestions have been put forward for the interpreting curricula. As the first descriptive analysis of the interpreting market in Turkey, this study provides an important data source for the interpreting studies in Turkey.


Interpreting studies, interpreting market, interpreting education


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