Three Novice Translators, A Children’s Series: A Triad of Graduation Project in Translation
Üç Çevirmen Adayı, Bir Çocuk Serisi: Çeviri Alanında Üçlü Bir Mezuniyet Projesi

Author : Didem TUNA - Sema Dilara Yanya - Cemre Çelik - Begüm Çelik
Number of pages : 124-158


The translation projects generally conducted under the name Graduation Project in the undergraduate programs of translation and interpretation departments offer students the opportunity to gather and apply some processes that they may encounter as translators, by combining the learning outcomes of different courses. The projects conducted in Yeni Yüzyıl University are essentially based on the translation of texts of at least 10,000 words that were not previously translated into Turkish. These projects involve the following steps: selecting the texts to be translated; justifying the selection; obtaining instructor’s approval by performing a trial translation; completing the predetermined sections within the specified schedule; revising the suggested parts in line with the feedback and reviewing the revised parts with the project adviser, if necessary; performing a preliminary reading of the translated text; presenting the translation decisions in class; updating some parts of the translation in light of the suggestions from the class, if necessary; and finalizing the project, together with the introduction and conclusion sections, after the last reading is completed. In this context, the first three books from Laurie B. Friedman's Mallory McDonald series were translated as separate projects by three students, each of whom translated a different book. During the translation process, the students did not discuss their translation decisions. After completing the translations, they compared and discussed their decisions that were made to convey similar signs based on their semiotic analysis of the original text to arrive at a common ground; then, they communicated the outcomes to the class. Through the texts of three translators who had taken the same education, this study provides an example of how common ground may be established for translating common signs when multiple translators are involved in translating different books of the same series.


Translation of children's series, translation education, semiotics of translation, translator decisions, Mallory McDonald.


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