Evaluation of the Concept of Translation Competence in the Context of Self-efficacy
Çeviri Edinci Kavramının Öz Yeterlik Bağlamında Değerlendirilmesi

Author : Şeyma ŞAHİN - Perihan YALÇIN
Number of pages : 423-430


Studies in the field of translation studies have recently focused on the concept of translation competence acquisition. The concept of translation competence has been investigated by different researchers. They are interrelated but different models of translation competence that examine different aspects of translation competence are formed. In the light of the studies on translation competence, we can say that translation competence which is generally expressed as a composed of knowledge and skills required for translation, is a meta-competence including sub-competencies which are competence of language, competence of text analysis , competence of translation knowledge, transfer competence and strategic sub-competence. In addition to these sub-competencies the effect of psycho-physiological components (cognitive and attitudinal components) is also mentioned in the acquisition of translation competence process (PACTE, 2003; Göpferich, 2009). The aim of this study is to investigate the relationship between the concept of translation competence and the self-efficacy evaluated in psycho-physiological situations and to examine its effects in the field of translation. It will be examined from a theoretical point of view and the applicability and reflections of the concept of self-efficacy in the field of translation competence will be examined in the study with contributions from the studies done in this field.


competence, translation competence, translation studies, self-efficacy, self-confidence


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