A Review of Academic Turkish Books for Foreigners
Yabancılar İçin Akademik Türkçe Kitapları Üzerine Bir İnceleme

Number of pages : 75-91


Turkey has become an increasingly important destination for international students’ higher education in recent years. International students who prefer Turkey for their higher education must get a score equivalent to C1 level from Turkish Proficiency Exam so they can begin undergraduate or graduate program in Turkish universities. International students who meet this condition and begin to undergraduate or graduate program could be successful in academic education proportional to ability of using academic language. In this context it is crucial that reference books which are prepared for international students to be able to penetrate academic language, must be based on academic word lists those derived from corpus studies. Additionally, determined words should be classified with respect to various disciplines and domain-specific word lists should be created. The current study employed the document analysis method, one of the qualitative research methods, sampling books of Karatay (2019) and Temur (2017) as Academic Turkish for Foreigners, which are benchmarked in terms of representativeness using “1010 Academic Turkish Word list”, work of Dolmacı (2015). Furthermore, the existing words in academic Turkish books are categorized with respect to different disciplines. Classification of words made by researchers are consulted with experts from each discipline, and their necessities within terminology of each discipline are validated by respective experts. According to results of this work, selected academic Turkish books include frequently used and necessary words to a large extent which is enough for students who would begin undergraduate and graduate education.


Teaching Turkish for Foreigners, Academic Turkish, Academic Word list


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