A Case Study on the Effectiveness of Teaching Morphological Analysis for Translating Medical Terminology
Tıp Terminolojisi Çevirisinde Morfolojik Analiz Eğitiminin Etkililiği Üzerine Bir Çalışma

Author : Gökçen HASTÜRKOĞLU
Number of pages : 155-166


For demonstrating the effectiveness of morphological analysis for teaching how to address medical terminology during medical translation, a case study of a specific training session focusing on Latin and Greek roots and affixes is designed. Sixty students were divided into experimental and control groups, and were assigned to translate 10 sentences including 10 medical terminologies from English into Turkish, presented within the context of academic articles. Specifically, the task involved translating these sentences to be published in a popular journal. The experimental group received training on the morphological analysis of medical terminology for translation purposes for three weeks. After the training, both groups were given a post-test and, later, the accuracy of the translations in the pre- and post-test were compared statistically. The results revealed that teaching morphological analysis of medical terminology is an effective tool for yielding more accurate translations and should become a part of medical translation courses.


Medical terminology, medical translation, morphological analysis, terminological competence, translator training.


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