Reading Habits of Students According to Turkish Teachers
Türkçe Öğretmenlerine göre Öğrencilerin Okuma Alışkanlıkları

Author : Halit KARATAY - Atilla DİLEKÇİ
Number of pages : 1-24


In this study, the opinions of Turkish teachers about reading habit were revealed. The research was conducted to reveal the reading habit of middle school students. For this, the research was designed as a case study. Opinions of 22 volunteer Turkish teachers were taken to collect data on the subject. Interviews with teachers were held face to face. Content analyzes of the interviews with teachers were made. Accordingly, teachers defined reading habit as acquiring a continuous and regular reading culture. According to them, reading habit has an impact on students' academic success and socialization. In general, teachers are aware of the activities that may be done in the classroom, school and outside the school in order to develop a habit of reading. They suggested various activities in the classroom, school and outside of the school to give students the habit of reading. They stated that the school alone is not enough in reading habit and the support of the family is important. In addition, students' reading preferences and developmental characteristics should be taken into account in order to acquire reading habits. According to the teachers, students read books to have fun and improve themselves. But technology tools and social media prevent students from acquiring reading habits


Reading habit, reading behavior, reading preferences, reading motivation, Turkish teachers


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