Learning with Movement as an Interdisciplinary Learning Principle
Das Bewegte Lernen als ein interdisziplinäres Lernprinzip

Author : Çiğdem KIRCA
Number of pages : 345-360


The integration of learning with movement into foreign language teaching as an innovative pedagogical principle is the subject of this work. Moving learning combines pedagogical and physical education aspects and therefore belongs to the field of physical education. Movement pedagogy wants to enable learning and experiencing with all senses through action-oriented and holistic learning, in which several learning channels are used that promote the learning opportunities of different types of learning. This multisensory and meaning-activating learning gives the possibility to overcome inhibitions through different learning paths. Supporting pillars of the learning process are particularly supportive for foreign language learners due to the prevailing foreigners. For this reason, procedures of methods of foreign language teaching should complement each other and also relate to interdisciplinary branches of science. In an eight-week series of investigations, the present work examines the effect of moving learning on willingness to learn and increased performance in order to subsequently demonstrate the legitimacy of the innovative learning principle in foreign language teaching.


learning with movement, foreign language teaching, movement pedagogy, innovative, learning principle


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