The Blue Anatolian Movement and Sabahattin Eyüboğluʼs Understanding of the Nation
Mavi Anadoluculuk Hareketi ve Sabahattin Eyüboğluʼnun Millet Anlayışı

Author : Ferhan AKGÜN ÜNSAL
Number of pages : 313-324


The Blue Anatolian Movement is an intellectual, literary and cultural formation that wants to revive the deep-rooted history of Anatolia and the cultural richness that these civilizations have inherited today. Blue Anatoliaists consider Anatolia as the geography in which the foundations of modern civilization are laid. It adopts a humanist world view and a culture-bound nationalism. Sabahattin Eyüboğlu, one of the leading representatives of the Blue Anatolian Movement, provided the development of this movement as a thought. Eyüboğlu is the most influential name in the representation of the Blue Anatolian thought with its intellectual equipment in politics, education, culture and social issues. Eyüboğlu believes the adoption of a policy area central to the survival of the people of the Republic of Turkey by preserving the unity and integrity. In this respect, he thinks that the concept of nation, which is the most basic building element of the state, should be handled in the context of culture. Because it is the person who creates the nation and the human is the creator of the culture. Therefore, the concept of nation; It should be based on a conscious cultural unity principle by glorifying human values rather than definitions made by separating people according to their beliefs and origins. In this study, Sabahattin Eyüboğlu's thoughts on the concept of nation will be discussed and his thoughts on the Turkish nation will be evaluated.


Blue Anatolianism, human, culture, nation, people.


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