Pendnâme-i Zarîfî’de Yer Alan Değerler

Author : Şerife AKPINAR
Number of pages : 345-376


In today’s world, the shifts happening in social and cultural values lead to alienation from traditions and societal collapses. Hence, the need for more teaching of values for the new generation arises. In this education, the school and the efforts of families are significant; however, these efforts should be enriched with works of art considering the interests of individuals. In these works, in addition to contemporary written texts, classical Turkish literature, which connects these days to our roots and will carry us into the future, should not be disregarded. Classical Turkish literature was called as high class literature for years, that’s why it was criticized, accused of being away from the society. However, recent research reveals that classical Turkish literature works address to the society, involve social, economical, and cultural values, and most of the time they give advice to people. Taking part especially in classical literature tradition, advice letters are advice books which are based on values, and tried to lead people into goodness, beauty, righteousness, indulgence, benevolence, and hospitality. In this study, it will be put emphasis on the values which are in Pendnâme-i Zarîfî, one of the advice letters written to guide people. This work is accepted as “a kind of etiquette book” written by one of the 18th century poet, Zarîfî. While the poet advices his readers against staying away from arrogance, hypocrisy, lie, gossip, ignorance, unlawfulness, jealousy, ambition, extravagance, greediness; he also encourages them to be righteous, generous, patient, modest, merciful, just, and keep secrets. In this way, it will be tried to contribute to the education of new generation with regards to the values appraised in Pendnâme-i Zarîfî, and it will be revealed that this work is a guiding light not just for the period it was written, but also for today’s people.


Pendnâme, Zarîfî, advice, values.

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