Author : Hakan YALAP
Number of pages : 43-75


Serbian language is contained many Turkish loanwords in daily language. Serbian culture also has a lot of common values with the direction of the Turkish culture. So close that the relationship with the Turkish language and culture studies in Serbia Turcology is dated to the early 20th century immediately. Fahim Bayraktarevic ( 14 November 1889-22 February 1970 ) in this section by establishing the Department of Eastern Languages Faculty of Philosophy at Belgrade University in 1925, " Turkish Language" began to teach the courses as electives. In 1960, the Faculty of Philology faculties related to attain self- structure " Eastern Languages Department" opened and Turkish Language and Literature has also been an important unit in this department. From that date Turkish language , literature and culture in the license, master's and doctoral education is given in the department. Due to its special curriculum structure Belgrade University Faculty of Philology, Turkish Language and Literature Department has been productive Turcology part of Europe in the past. Especially there is an attention to Turkey and Turkish are positive way in recent years that each year forty students has been accepted to the department in the country. Turkish Language and Literature department is in University of Belgrade, Faculty of Philology as a detached in Serbia that has been prepared program of University of Pristina in 1976. University of Belgrade department of Turkish Language and Literature has made an indicator to other Balkan universities. Turkish is an elective lesson outside of University of Belgrade in University of Novi Sad and University of Novi Pazar. Everybody who want to learn Turkish can be signed up for a course in these universities. The Republic of Turkey provides lecturers support to the three universities. It will be reviewed about the university curriculum and it will be criticized the Turkish teaching and methods of Turkish teaching in Serbia, the future of the Turkish teaching and the importance in Serbia will be discussed in this article.


Turkish, Turcology, Serbia, Turkish Teaching.

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