Presence of Turks and Turkish Teaching in Lebanon
Lübnan’daki Türk Varlığı ve Türkçe Öğretimi

Author : Cihan ÖZDEMİR -- Fahri TEMİZYÜREK - Latif İLTAR
Number of pages : 131-143


Today, it is most likely to come across our people who have varied status like students, teachers, workers, employers and intellectuals in many parts of the world. It can be seen that as a substantial number of our citizens also live in the Middle East countries. In this study, it will be focused on Lebanon that is a country famous by its many features, present problems and is referred to media very often but less known in the world with the issues we will study on this paper. We will try to study, in this article, the presence of Turkish language, culture, society and citizens in Lebanon which have not been studied enough till now by the researchers both living in Turkey or abroad.


Presence of Turkish people in Lebanon, Turkish citizens abroad, teaching Turkish to foreigners.

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