The Views of Turkish Teacher Candidates on Value and Value Education
Türkçe Öğretmeni Adaylarının Değer ve Değer Eğitimi Üzerine Görüşleri

Author : Ahmet Zeki GÜVEN
Number of pages : 11-27


Meeting social integration and cooperation, creating more healthy and qualified society is possible with individuals of the society as a result of internalising values and transfering these values to next generation. The society which protects its own values and transfer them into next generation will continue their existence in future. The most effective way of reaching this success occurs as a result of qualified value education be given to individuals. There is a great responsibility for both family and schools in terms of effective and productive value education. Especially, schools could make value transformation be more meaningful with not only just theoric education but with practical education. At this point, there is also a great responsibility for teachers. Teachers being a role model for students and performing value education with different activities can obtain more effective and more productive results at this point. Teachers’ courses taken in undergraduate education and in-service training in their career play an important role in this situation. So, the views of Turkish teacher candidates on value and value education was tried to be determined in this study. Semi-structured interview form based on qualititative method was used for data collection in the research. So, semi structured interviews were made with 15 students in 4th grade who study in Akdeniz University, Faculty of Education, in the department of Turkish Language Education and these interviews were decoded by noting and using voice recorder. Content analysis was used in data analysis. As a result of the research, Turkish teacher candidates in interview stated that values are common customs and traditions holding society together and passing down from generation to genaration. Also, Turkish teacher candidates indicated priority values which must be taught to middle school students as love and respect. Turkish teacher candidates who stated that there is no practice for value education in their training schools emphasised that especially, dramatisation and discussion methods must be benefited for teaching values more effectively and productively. Turkish teacher candidates stated that observation and interview with students’ family are the easiest way of determining whether middle school students gain any value or not. According to Turkish teacher candidates material examples which can be used for value education are short films, pictures and photos.


Turkish teacher candidates, value, value education.

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