Opinions About The Turkish Manuscripts In Egypt
Mısır’daki Türkçe El Yazmaları Hakkında Görüşler

Author : Abuzer KALYON -- Filiz KALYON
Number of pages : 1-10


Egypt, which hosted many civilizations throught all periods of the history, now continues to attract interest and attention through the civilizations which lived in its lands especially the Pharaoh civilization. A person like Salahaddin-i Ayyûbî who arranged a lot of things in Egypt like education, religion and administrative work, is still being memorialized by the Egyptians. The works left from the Mamluk civilization are also important. The conquest of Egypt by Yavuz Sultan Salim helped this country to recover itself in sciences, trades and administrative work. Even today, Kavalalı Mahmat Ali Pasha is being praised by Egyptians and being sculptured as monuments. He became the governor of Egypt through the conquest by Yavuz Sultan Selim. With the Ottomans, Turkish culture popularity increased in Egypt. In the 20th century, important works published in Ottoman poetry genre. These works belong to mesdames who lived in the Cairo palace or in places which are near to the palace. Ottoman poetry Cheshmî Âfet Hanim Dîvâni was published by Associate Professor Semra Tunç. And one of the poets who lived in the same period at the Cairo palace Gulparî Hanim's Guldasta-i Hâtirât was published by Dr. Filiz Kalyon In the same century, another important personality was Aisha Taymûrî who grew up in Cairo. Diwan of Aisha Taymûrî was published Assist Professor Abuzer Kalyon. There are many Turkish manuscripts in Egypt. These manuscripts are very important for researchers in Turkey.


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