Research in Turkish Literature Through Prose Based of Hamza-Name: Volume 72
Türk Edebiyatında Hamza-nâme Adlı Eserin 72. Cildinin Nesir Uslübunun İncelenmesi

Author : Osman TÜRK
Number of pages : 357-370


The study on was carried out using prose style based research. Information about the general characteristics of the scope of Hamza-nâme, its author and the writing of work from the relevant literature were presented. Hamza has been transferred to the text by Hamzavi, Ahmed's brother. Based on the analysis of texts discussed here, Hamza-nâme had a reputable oral tradition in Turkish and Islamic geography before bieng transferred into a written. Hamza-nâme, could be seen as a contribution to the Islamic world with a rich, epic literature of Iran and Saudi Arabia to other Muslim nations but also to the World history and culture. review on prose style of Hamza-nâme research work in Turkish, Arabic, Persian, Greek, Mongol, Italian, Armenian words are discussed. The language style of the era of the words in the book were followed. Turkish words are examined in terms of functional aspects of the work in the research. Located in the Turkish word verb, noun, adjective, pronoun, exclamations, adverbs, prepositions, verb-like words have also been discussed. Research into the verb forms used in text, the Hamza-nâme, the past tense seen, past tense learned, tense given and future tense. The modals; requests, orders, conditionals and moods have also been analyzed and detected via text. At the same time, Hamza-nâme based associated words in the sentence are functionally intertwined nature of the work names have been identified. Research In terms of Hamza-nâme review, existing language structures examination of his work has been enabled investigation towards prose.


Hamza-nâme, Prose, Turkish Literature, 14th century, Language.

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