A Research on Spelling of Persian Phrases Which Were Written at Junks in the 19. Century
19. Yüzyılda Bazı Cönklerdeki Farsça Tamlamaların İmlası Üzerine Bir İnceleme

Author : Yasemin ÇELİK
Number of pages : 324-338


Unordinary spelling of Persian phrases in Ottoman period are discussed in this study. As is known, a relative ‘i’ is presupposed amongst the Persian phrases which is written with Arabic letters. Yet, these presupposed letters of ‘i’ aren’t spelled; in limitied applications if the first element of the phrase finishes with (?/?), (?) is added to the upper part of the letters and if the first element finishes with (u) and (a) are added (?) after these long vowels. Researchers that translate the texts which have Arabic letters to Latin letters make these presupposed ‘i’ letters visible in Latin spelling. İn some texts, some extraordinary cases related to ‘i’ draw attention in Ottoman period. In other words, appearance of Persian phrases in Ottoman Turkish texts aren’t monotype. As research material for this proposal, we have chosen two Cönk texts, which were written in the XIX. century. In this study, while analyzing the spelling features of Persian phrases, only ones which are different than the common Ottoman Turkish spelling are examined. Our notice of determinations about the phrases in this study contributes us not only to have an idea about the spelling rules but also the spoken language of that period.


Junk, Ottoman Turkish, Phrases, Spelling, Pronunciation.

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