The Comparison of The View of “Communicative Language Teaching” in Abant Izzet Baysal University, Turkey and Sussex University; UK

Author : Bilge METİN TEKİN
Number of pages : 77-93


For language teachers, the study of education from international and comparative points of view, which is undertaken by comparative education, is essential because of the international nature of language education. For language teachers, working abroad to widen their experience is very common. Therefore, knowing the latest and common approach is also very important. The purpose of this study is to examine instructors’ attitudes towards “communicative language teaching, CLT” in AIBU, Turkey and Sussex University, UK. Therefore, this study gives a chance to understand the instructors’ views of CLT. Furthermore, as it is known that European countries start to use CLT before Turkey, it provides us with an opportunity to compare and contrast two universities. To accomplish this, 10 prep-class instructors from AIBU and 10 instructors from Sussex University were surveyed using an instrument. In analysis and presentation of the data derived from this study, SPSS 15 was used. At the end of the study, it is observed that there is a significant difference between two universities in terms of using CLT. The instructors at Sussex University appreciate using CLT in their teaching process. On the other hand, the instructors at AIBU are not comfortable while using CLT. They can’t use it accurately. Moreover, the instructors at AIBU claim that there isn’t a suitable environment to use this approach.


Communicative Language teaching, teaching English, comparative education.

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