Reasons of Miswriting and Punctuation Error in Social Media Correspondence of Turkish Teacher Candidates: Whatsapp Sample
Türkçe Öğretmen Adaylarının Sosyal Medya Yazışmalarındaki Yazım ve Noktalama Yanlışlarının Sebepleri: Whatsapp Örneği

Author : Fatih TANRIKULU
Number of pages : 129-143


The aim of this research is to find the spelling and punctuation mistakes of the Turkish teacher candidates in social media correspondence and to determine the reasons for making these mistakes. It was conducted in the research case study model. The working group of the study constitutes the correspondence group of WhatsApp with 30 Turkish teacher candidates. In the study, WhatsApp correspondence and the records of the focus interview were used as data collection tool. The writings in the WhatsApp group are transferred to the word document and the spelling and punctuation mistakes in the correspondences are detected. A focus interview was held on the identified mistakes. The data were loaded into Nvivo 11 qualitative data analysis program and content analysis was performed. The generated codes are subject to inquiry. The graphical and tabular features of the Nvivo 11 program have been exploited to make the findings clearer. The result of the research is that the writing and punctuation mistakes in WhatsApp correspondences are more than the written narration, they are so different that they can be used in different meanings because they are used very little; It has been observed that the syntax of the education system of writing and punctuation mistakes is caused by reasons such as not paying attention to writing and punctuation rules, laziness, comfort of technological environment, fast writing tendency according to the nature of technology.


Turkish Education, Writing and Punctuation Rules, Social Media, Technological Writings

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