Relationship Between Mother Tongue Success And Foreign Language Success of The Prospective Teachers
Öğretmen Adaylarının Ana Dili Başarısı İle Yabancı Dil Başarısı Arasındaki İlişki

Author : Mevlüt ELLİALTI
Number of pages : 239-245


Deficiency in teaching foreign language in Turkey has been put forward with many studies. There are various factors such as methods and techniques, teacher training programmes, evaluating and developing material, assessment and evaluation and using technology that affect teaching foreign language. Beside these, it is known that the success of the learners in mother tongue skills is another factor. In this study, the relationship between the mother tongue success and foreign language success of the prospective teachers is put forward. For this aim 97 prospective teachers, who are first class students at Pamukkale University Education Faculty Classroom Teaching and Turkish Teaching Department in 2015-2016 Academic Year, were chosen as the sample. As the result of the study, meaningful relationship between the Turkish success in The Transition to Higher Education Examination and English success is found


Mother Tongue, Foreign Language, Success

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