Perception of the Students of Translation and Interpreting with French-Turkish Language Pair of The Relationship Between Theory and Practice of Translation
Fransızca Mütercim-Tercümanlık Öğrencilerinin Çeviride Kuram-Uygulama İlişkisine Yönelik Algıları

Author : Duygu Çurum DUMAN
Number of pages : 105-120


The aim of this study is to examine the relationship between theory and practice of translation through the eyes of the students of translation studies. To this end, a questionnaire composed of seven open-ended questions was administered to a group of volunteering students who had successfully completed Translation Theories course on Spring Semester of either 2012-2013 or 2013-2014 academic year at the Department of Translation and Interpreting in French-Turkish at Yıldız Technical University. As a result of this case study, it has been observed that translation theory is considered within the framework of their quality, their role in practice, their contribution to and their functionality in theory. The results also demonstrate that translation theory is perceived as the scientific aspect of translation, the basis for the decisions taken in practice, and the professionally distinctive feature of translators. It would be fair to claim that the students benefited from the course they have taken on translation theory while practicing. Their accounts point at the fact that learning about translation theory in course is significant for them and that they make use of this knowledge while translating. Theory is, in a sense, a means of clearing an obstacle. Based on these accounts, it might be suggested that theoretical scholarly works may be used in general or special field translation courses. This qualitative study focusing on the perception and evaluation of future translators is expected to contribute to the vast literature on this issue.


Translation studies, translation theories, translator training, qualitative research

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