The Understanding of Listening Assisted By Visual Material Support in Foreign Language Teaching
Görsel Materyal Destekli Dinlediğini Anlama Yetisinin Yabancı Dil Öğretimindeki Yeri

Author : Füsun ŞAVLI -- Selin ÖZDEMİR
Number of pages : 184-197


Use of visual materials in foreign language teaching of children has a very important role to enhance children in terms of keeping children's learning longer in memory, improve their creativity, and increase their attention of the foreign language. The applications of vocal reading activities for children in kindergartens are crucial acquire native language as well as teaching foreign language. However, in audio reading activities, children often experience difficulties in understanding the meaning that they listen. In fact, the ability of listening and understanding what you hear can be improved by effective use of visual materials with appropriate methods. In particular, a text supported by visual materials attracts more attention of the children and substantially enhances their motivation by making them easier to understand. Moreover, this assists the child to develop language skills if the visual materials are used with the right and appropriate methods. In this respect, the aim of our research is to figure out the effect of vocal reading activities by supporting visual reading material on the children's reading comprehension skills. In this research, using qualitative research method case study, "Ataşehir SU Kindergarten" was conducted with 22 children in two classes consisting of children in the group of age 4-5 age and some of these children were enriched with visual materials and others did reading activities. In the end of this experiment, both groups were involved in the activities which was related to the stories and songs and these activities were evaluated and compared. According to evidence, it is found that the children which were in the experimental group and using the visual material can understand data which they read more easily compared with the children in the control group.


Key words: Pre-school, foreign language teaching, visual material, reading, listening and understanding skills.

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