African Culture and Colonial Exploitation in Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart
Chinua Achebe’nin Things Fall Apart'ında Afrika Kültürü ve Sömürge İstismarı

Author : Bülent Cercis TANRITANIR
Number of pages : 197-201


Africa, with its own cultural values, tribal system and religious background and other features, is a continent where its residents lead their own lives without being restricted. Parental, educational, social and judicial systems of Africa are different from other continents which make it a rich continent to discover. During the first years of colonization, Africa attracted occupier’s attention for economic and religious reasons. Exploiter wanted to dominate countries from Africa and change all the values peculiar to that country. Africa, considered savage by occupier, was occupied by exploiter beginning with religion, education and judicial system respectively. Upon the arrival of the occupier, existing life is Africa is altered by the white man claiming that indigenous culture is primitive. Igbo culture, as a part of Nigeria, has its own governmental system, religious beliefs and educational system. The members of this tribe have the autonomy to lead their own lives and they have a say about their own future until the invader arrives. Chinua Achebe- the member of this tribe- tackles the issue of colonization in his novel entitled Things Fall Apart and the aim of this paper is to present values of Igbo culture and how invader changes that culture for occupying purposes.


Chinua Achebe, Igbo, Exploitation, Things Fall Apart, Tribe

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