Repetition, Transition and Instability in the Descriptions of Robbe-Grillet
Répétition, Transition et Instabilité dans les Descriptions de Robbe-Grillet

Number of pages : 114-123


In the novel of Robbe-Grillet, the descriptions occupy an extensive place. However, the scenes of descriptions do not include unity; rather, it involves repetition, transition and instability. Not only do these techniques lead to irregularity in the scenes of descriptions but also, they lead to disconnectedness in the flow of stories in the novel. The novel employs instant production strategy and technique. That's why the scenes of descriptions in the novel Labyrinth can suddenly change. The repetitions and transitions can point out the new beginnings of different stories in the novel. The writer never completes the description of a subject, a character or a place in a one shot because he shows opposition against the unity and stability in the novel. With the help of repetitions and transitions, the different sides of one scene are tried to present in the novel. Together with this, the observed similarities between the different subjects, characters and places through repetitions and transitions make it difficult for readers follow the story of the novel. The 3 features namely repetition, transition and instability create the structure and nature of the descriptions in the novel of Robbe-Grillet. From the point of this description technique, the reader concludes the story of lost modern man on earth where all things are alike and instable. In this study, it is aimed to deal with the problems of descriptions such as repetition, transitions and instability in the novel of Robbe-Grillet.


Description, repetition, transition, instability, stability.

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