Prospective Teachers’ Opinions on the Use of Printed Book and E-book
Öğretmen Adaylarının Basılı ve E-Kitap Kullanımına İlişkin Görüşleri

Author : Handan ÇELİK -Sercan HALAT - Hatice FIRAT
Number of pages : 73-86


Today, especially the young generation's interest in technology has accelerated the shift from printed books to e-books by affecting reading habits. It is possible to use the e-book as a tool in education and teaching, in which reading is generally carried out through printed books, but e-books are being used with the developing technology. Teachers' mastery of modern technologies and their knowledge and attitudes about reading e-books are very important in terms of guiding students. Therefore, the opinions and preferences of the pre-service teachers regarding both printed and e-books were determined and the results and suggestions regarding the use of e-books were reached. The study is descriptive research and it was carried out using a scanning model. As a data collection tool, “Determining Pre-Service Teachers' Views on Printed and E-Book Usage” questionnaire was used by the researchers and frequency and cross-table analysis were used in SPSS 20.0 package program. Content analysis was used for open-ended questions in the questionnaire. To determine the reliability of the study, another field expert was also evaluated by coding the research data, and the reliability calculated with the formula of Miles and Huberman was found .89. According to the findings obtained from the study, it was understood that the pre-service teachers described materials such as pdf and word on the internet as e-books and did not know exactly what the e-book was. Therefore, e-books are not sufficiently recognized and used by pre-service teachers; it is concluded that printed books are preferred more.


printed books, e-books, reading habit, technology

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