Speaking Anxiety of Prospective Turkish Language and Elementary Mathematics Teachers
Türkçe ve İlköğretim Matematik Öğretmen Adaylarının Konuşma Kaygıları

Author : Mehmet Nuri GÖMLEKSİZ -Hacer KOÇ DENİZ
Number of pages : 1-13


The aim of this quantitative study is to determine perceptions of prospective Turkish language and elementary mathematics teachers of their speaking anxiety. Prospective teachers’ opinions were compared in terms of gender, department, university and grade level variables. “Prospective Teachers’ Speaking Anxiety Scale” developed by Kinay ve Özkan (2014) was used to collect the data of the study. The study group includes first and fourth year prospective Turkish Language and Elementary Mathematics teachers enrolled at Fırat and Cumhuriyet Universities. Data was analyzed by using SPSS package program. Independent groups t test was used to determine whether there was a difference according to gender and department variables in the anxiety levels of teacher candidates' speech skills, and Mann Whitney U test was used when the distribution was not normal. ANOVA was used to determine whether there is any difference according to the university variable. Results with p < 0.05 were considered statistically significant. Results revealed statistically significant differences among prospective Turkish language and Elementary Mathematics teachers’ opinions in terms of speaking anxiety.


Prospective Turkish language teachers, prospective Elementary Mathematics teacher, speaking skill, speaking anxiety

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