Jean-Jacques Rousseau as the Protagonist of Patrick Süskind's Postmodern Text “Maître Mussard's Bequest”
Patrick Süskind’in “Maître Mussard’ın Vasiyeti” Adlı Postmodern Metninin Anafigürü Olarak Jean- Jacques Rousseau

Author : Didem YAYAN
Number of pages : 183-196


The protagonist of the story “Maître Mussard's Bequest”(Ger. Das Vermächtnis des Maître Mussard), which is translated into Turkish by the title of “Üç Buçuk Öykü” and which is one of the stories in the book Patrick Süskind’s, born in Germany in 1949 and known worldwide for his novel “Perfume”, “Three Stories and a Reflection” (Ger. Drei Geschichten und eine Betrachtung), is trying to tell his story with the last effort as he dies in pain in his bed, and his name is Jean-Jacques Mussard. This name given by the author to the protagonist and the author's direct quotation from Rousseau's autobiographical work "Confessions" at the beginning of the story are clear indications that guide the reader to the search for the relationship between the story and Rousseau's life, works and discourses. Such reading takes place within the framework of intertextual theory. According to Julia Kristeva's theory of intertextuality, based on Michail Bachtin's theory of “dialogism”, each text contains explicit or implicit expressions from previously written texts. Based on this theory, literary works are examined in connection with the texts that have traces in work in question. In this study, the story titled “Maître Mussard's Bequest” will be discussed based on the works of Jean-Jacques Rousseau.


Patrick Süskind, Jean- Jacques Rousseau, Maître Mussard's Bequest, intertextuality, postmodern

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