Comparison Study: French and Turkish
Etude Contrastive: Le Français et le Turc

Author : Nurten ÖZÇELİK
Number of pages : 312-329


There are differences rather than similarities between French and Turkish, which are the members of different language families, and the majority of Turkish students' difficulties in learning French as a foreign language stem from those differences. Similarities lead to positive transfers, facilitating language acquisition, while differences lead to negative transfers, making it difficult for learners and teachers to work. The aim of this study, which is prepared on the basis of this fact, is to compare both languages in terms of the language families to which they belong, and then the writing / sound systems in terms of their structural and syntactic features, and then to make suggestions that will contribute to the teaching / learning of foreign language French.


Differences between Turkish and French, syntax, morphosyntax, writing/sound systems

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