The Dative Case of Noun in German and Turkish
Almanca ve Türkçede Adın Yönelme Durumu

Author : Zeki USLU
Number of pages : 461-472


This study is based on the observation that Turkish learners of German have difficulties in learning and using the dative case. German and Turkish are the languages in which the case of noun is valid. The German has four cases and the Turkish six. The nominative, accusative, dative and genitive are common cases. In addition Turkish has two more, the locative and ablative. This article deals with the contrastive examination of the dative case of nouns in German and Turkish. At the end of the morphological and semantic investigation, it was pointed out that the dative of the noun in German and in Turkish are not equivalent. As morphological differences one can show that the dative is formed in Turkish with the endings "-e, -a". In German, dative is formed by changing articles. In German, there are different types of dative such as pure dative and prepositional dative. In pure dative, there is a partial equivalence between German and Turkish. However, there are considerable differences in the prepositional dative. For, the prepositional dative in German corresponds to the locative and ablative in Turkish. The prepositions that are used with both accusative and dative are potential sources of mistakes for Turkish learners of German. The accusative with these prepositions in German is equivalent to the dative in Turkish and the dative with these prepositions fits the locative in Turkish. All these differences can be seen as reasons for learning difficulties for Turkish learners. In order for the Turkish learners of German to avoid any mistakes in the case of dative, they must be aware that these two languages differ. It is not enough for the grammatical rules to be taught theoretically. One has to encourage the learners more to read texts in the foreign language and pave the way for them to meet in practice this topic more.


Declension of noun, the dative case, equivalency, German, Turkish.

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