The Application Process of the “Foreign Language Turkish A1 Level Course Program” of the Teachers who Teach Turkish to Foreigners in Non-Formal Education Institutions
Yaygın Eğitim Kurumlarında Yabancılara Türkçe Öğreten Öğretmenlerin “Yabancı Diller Türkçe A1 Seviyesi Kurs Programını” Uygulama Süreci

Author : Dilan ERDOĞAN -Fatih KANA
Number of pages : 49-74


In this study, the process of implementing the Turkish A1 level course program of foreign languages prepared by the General Directorate of Lifelong Learning of teachers teaching Turkish as a foreign language in the common educational institutions has been examined. As a result of the work, it is aimed to increase the applicability of the program by determining the current defects and suggestions on eliminating the identified defects. As a result of the literature study, not enough research has been done in this field. In this study, it is aimed to contribute to the teaching of Turkish to foreigners more effectively. The data of the research was obtained using case studies from qualitative research methods, and the personal information form was developed to obtain the semi-structured interview form and demographic data in the process of gathering data. In order to create the Working group, 10 teachers were elected in the arts and vocational training courses of the public education centres and major city municipalities of the common educational institutions located in Istanbul and Gaziantep cities. The data obtained was analyzed by analyzing the analysis and analysis of the content. As a result of the analysis of the data, teachers who teach Turkish as a foreign language in the common educational institutions are not familiar with the Turkish A1 level course program in foreign languages and generally do not follow the course program in the process Concluded. The methods and techniques of the teachers in the course program were not familiar with the concept of concepts related to method-technical concepts. The measurement-evaluation tools that teachers use to improve the four basic language skills have not fully met the measurement-assessment required for the course program but have been found to be in line with the program. Teachers are taught grammar-oriented education as well as the need for language training.


A1 level course program, communicative language, GASMEK, ISMEK, public education centres, teaching of Turkish as a foreign language, widespread education.

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