Perceptions of Poetry in High School Students
Lise Öğrencilerinde Şiir Algısı

Number of pages : 304-311


In order to determine the perceptions of 9th grade students in poetry, a five-point Likert scale with 28 expressions is used and along with the survey, poem of Kemalettin Kamu named as “İzmir’in yollarında” is given to students. After reading the poem, students are asked to complete the survey. The sample group of the study consists of 9th grade students at Keçiören Social Sciences High School and Esenevler Anatolian High School. The results of the survey answered by 183 students are analyzed with SPSS program and interpreted with in the framework of literature resources. Students' perceptions of the concepts and ingredients of poetry such as harmony, theme, quatrain, metaphor, rhetoric, and their differences according to school type or gender are analyzed. The perception of poetry has different levels in meaning and form. While the student is more successful in form-based features of poetry, they are in adequate when it comes to meaning in poetry, the language of the poem itself and they have difficulty to express it. More effective methods should be used in poetry education. Poetry should be included in the lessons more broadly and it shows that poetry is an effective language teaching tool that emphasizes emotions and there fore all the studies about poetry are important.


perceptions of poetry, high school students, form of poetry,languageproperty of poetry

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