Developing Reading Motivation Scale in Teaching Turkish as a Foreign Language: Reliability and Validity Study
Yabancı Dil Olarak Türkçenin Öğretiminde Okuma Motivasyonu Ölçeğinin Geliştirilmesi: Güvenirlik ve Geçerlik Çalışması

Author : Semih Alper DÜNDAR -Halil Erdem ÇOCUK
Number of pages : 401-411


This study was conducted to develop a high reliability and validity scale that measures the perceptions of Turkish language learners about reading motivation. In this direction, a 63-item trial form was created by using written texts of the learners of Turkish as a foreign language and related studies in the literature. The items in the trial form were graded into five categories. The form was applied to 360 participants who learned Turkish as a foreign language. As a result of exploratory factor analysis performed with Varimax rotation, a five-factor structure with 29 items was obtained. As a result of factor analysis, total variance is 49.1%. The total variance explained by each factor was 12.84%; 10.34%; 10.12%; 8.2% and 7.59%. The eigenvalues for each factor were respectively 5.40; 3.15; 2.30; 1.94; 1.42. Alpha reliability of the scale was calculated as 0.843. Factor analysis findings revealed that the construct validity of the scale was achieved.


Teaching Turkish to Foreigners, reading skill, motivation, reliability, validity

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