Investigation of Speaking Skills in the 2018 Common European Framework of Reference for Languages: Companion Volume
2018 (CEFR) Diller için Avrupa Ortak Öneriler Çerçevesi Yeni Açıklamalar Metininde Konuşma Becerisinin İncelenmesi

Number of pages : 212-224


Nowadays, learning a foreign language is not only a goal but also a tool for learning language. The importance of communicating in a foreign language is increasing day by day. This has necessitated many countries to revise their foreign language policies. The Council of the Common European Framework of Languages for Languages (CEFR), which has been published since 2001, is an important resource that greatly influences language teaching and learning, in order to assist foreign language users and regulate language teaching. This study is a qualitative research based on the data of related researches within the subject. In this study, which has not yet been translated into Turkish (CEFR) 2018 new explanations edition, this study examined the ability to speak as a productive activity. In this study, the gains that were added or subtracted from the 2018 (CEFR) speaking skills were determined. In this study, where we talk about speaking skills, we examined oral production which is one of the productive activities. Oral production is divided into five categories in 2018 CEFR. These are: Sustained monologue: Describing experience, Sustained monologue: Giving information, Sustained monologue: Putting a case (e.g. in debate), Public announcements, and Addressing audiences. In the edition of the 2018 CEFR new announcements, “Pre-A1” level has been added to the C2 to A1 language levels, unlike the previous edition, and there is mostly no descriptor. At the specified achievements for different skills, at some levels a new acquisition was not added. At some levels, the old gains were completely removed and at some levels new gains were added to the old gains and presented together. In addition to the added new gains, most of the gains still exist. Preparing the studies conducted in the context of foreign language teaching according to CEFR may provide a healthier result. It is important that Turkish language teaching sets and activities and materials prepared in the field of Teaching Turkish as a Foreign Language are based on CEFR.


CEFR 2018, Common European Framework for Languages. Speaking Skills, Council of Europe

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