A Review on Levels of Pre-School 5-6 Age Group Students’ Comprehension of Listening to Classical and Digital Stories Individually and in Groups
Okul Öncesi 5-6 Yaş Grubu Öğrencilerinin Bireysel Olarak ve Grupla Dinledikleri Klasik ve Dijital Hikâyeleri Anlama Düzeyleri Üzerine Bir İnceleme

Author : Esra Ekinci Çelikpazu -Meryem Sinem Aydın
Number of pages : 242-266


In this research, it is aimed to examine the level of the students’ comprehension questions of classical and digital stories according to their individual and group listening status. Tthe descriptive survey model, one of the survey models, was used in this research. The study group consisted of 50 children aged 60-72 months in kindergarten. 4 stories belonging to the same publisher were used. 2 classical and 2 digital stories were recorded throught 5 weeks. Students' answers to the post-story comprehension questions were recorded by voice recording and descriptive analysis was done. Video recordings were used to analyze the behavior of students while listening to stories in groups and individually. As a result of the research, the total score obtained from the students' comprehension questions of digital stories was 9.72 while it was 7.92 in the classic stories. It was concluded that the students were more interested in the digital story-listening process and listened carefully. As a result of examining the classic stories in terms of individual and group listening, group scores were 8.32 and individual scores were 7.52; and the digital scores of the group were 9.50 and 9.94, respectively. It was concluded that listening to individual stories using the tablet increased the students' level of comprehension, students were affected by each other while the group was listening to the story and their physical behavior was increased and they were more immobile during individual listening.


Pre-school, digital story, classic story, listening, understanding

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