Proverbs and Sayings in Turkish Language Teaching Books for Foreigners
B2 Düzeyi Yabancılara Türkçe Öğretimi Kitaplarında Atasözü ve Deyimler

Author : Nurşen YILDIRIM
Number of pages : 161-176


The importance of teaching Turkish to foreigners in Turkey is increasing day by day. There are different practices about the usage of lesson materials, determination on the approaches and techniques. All of the books which published to teach Turkish to foreigners reflect a different approach, language mentality or teaching technique. This article aims to evaluate the Turkish teaching books to foreigners in terms of proverbs and idioms. A B2 level book and a language teaching set were analyzed. In this respect, it is studied on two course books, a workbook and a CD including listening texts. Thus, listening texts, reading texts and exercises are examined in sense of teaching idioms. Memorizing the meaning of the words is not important only while teaching Turkish to foreigners. We should teach the meaning of words in the context. It is very important that proverbs and idioms can gain new meanings in the exercises and sentences.


Teaching Turkish to foreigners, course books, proverbs, idioms

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