Speaking Anxiety of International Students Learning Turkish as a Second Language
Türkçeyi İkinci Dil Olarak Öğrenen Uluslararası Öğrencilerin Konuşma Kaygıları Üzerine Bir İnceleme

Author : Enes Malik SOLAK -Fatih YILMAZ
Number of pages : 112-123


In this study, the speaking anxiety of international university students who came to our country from abroad and learning Turkish were examined. In this descriptive survey model, a foreign language speaking anxiety scale adapted from the class anxiety scale was used to measure speaking anxiety among international students learning Turkish. In this study, speech anxiety of individuals learning Turkish as a foreign language was examined in personal, educational and environmental dimensions. In addition, students' anxiety levels and causes of anxiety were determined from the total scale scores. In addition, the relationship between the dimensions and the whole scale with the variables of gender, nationality, course level, department of study and university were examined. This study was conducted in 11 different universities in different currencies and with 680 international students studying different departments in Turkey. The data obtained from the study were analyzed with SPSS 20.0 program. According to the findings, it is observed that the students who learn Turkish as a foreign language generally have low speaking anxiety levels. When the data obtained from the scale were examined according to gender variable, no significant difference was found in educational and environmental sub-dimensions and total scale scores. There is a significant difference in the personal sub-dimension of the gender variable. According to the findings of the study, significant differences were found in the variables of the countries where the students came to our country. It was found that the students who had the lowest Turkish speaking anxiety were from Central Asian countries. In addition, it is seen that the students who have the highest speaking anxiety are from the Far East countries.


Teaching Turkish as a second language, speaking skill, speaking anxiety.

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