The Suggestions of Dictionaries That Can Be Used for Teaching Turkish as a Foreign Language
Yabancı Dil Olarak Türkçe Öğretiminde Kullanılabilecek Sözlük Önerileri

Author : Lokman TANRIKULU -İsmail DEMİRTAŞ
Number of pages : 135-148


Turkish continues to exist as the 5th largest language in the world with the number of approximately 250 million speeches today. When political and social reasons are added to this situation, Turkish not only attracts the attention of foreigners but also increases the number of speakers every day. People who teach and learn our language also need to use dictionaries in teaching Turkish as a foreign language. Dictionaries are chests that hide the written vocabulary of a language.These chests should be opened and the richness of the words should be brought together with people who learn and teach that language. To learn a foreign language, a dictionary of that language is absolutely needed.The dictionaries to be used in the teaching of Turkish also play an important role in making these treasures useful to people. People who learn Turkish as a foreign language have the right to learn Turkish in the most accurate form and to work with dictionaries prepared for them. It is determined that the dictionaries prepared for teaching Turkish to foreigners in the source, area and general network scans are limited. Such a large language needs more qualified, comprehensive and functional dictionaries. This need is not possible to be eliminated at a time, but people working in the field should at least create awareness. For this purpose, ten dictionaries were selected from among the hundreds of dictionaries examined, selected for teachers teaching Turkish and learning students. Information and visuals related to the dictionaries examined were reached and a brief description of the dictionaries was given in the light of the data obtained. It is thought that the studies will contribute to Turkish teachers and Turkish learners.


Dictionaries, Teaching Turkish as a Foreign Language, Suggestions

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