Effects of Reflective Teaching on Critical Reading Skills in Foreign Language Teaching
Yabancı Dil Öğretiminde Yansıtıcı Öğretim Tekniklerinin Eleştirel Okuma Becerisine Etkileri

Number of pages : 38-50


Today, “Reflective teaching” is a widely used concept and is quite common in discussions about the nature of professional and contemporary education. This term, which is related to the quality of the teacher and teacher education, can simply be defined as thinking about what is going on in the teaching environment and afterwards and making some changes in line with these thoughts. Within the context of foreign language teaching, reflective teaching can be considered as a process that supports learning-teaching environments. Similarly, in foreign language teaching, it provides opportunities for those who learn critical reading skills to understand and analyze their reading. Thus, from an academic perspective, critical reading contributes to the development of reading comprehension strategies by supporting learning. In this study, the essence of reflective teaching concept and reflective teaching techniques are emphasized and the effects of reflective teaching techniques on students' critical reading skills in foreign language teaching are examined. Accordingly, content analysis, which is one of the qualitative data collection methods, was used. The data were collected through semi-structured student interviews and analyzed and interpreted by the researchers.


reflective teaching, reflective learning, critical reading skills

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