Translations of Legal Texts and Competence Errors
Hukuki Metin Çevirileri Ve Yeterlik Hataları

Author : Emrah ERİŞ
Number of pages : 393-403


This study seeks to investigate how competence errors committed by trainee translators of the Department of Translation and Interpreting at Siirt University influence their writing and translations. Competence errors are serious issues in language as they reflect inadequate learning (Touchie, 1986). Noam Chomsky (1965) argues that the focus of linguistic theory must be on the underlying language system (competence), not the act of speaking (performance). Competence errors become more important when being taken into consideration along with translations of legal texts as these texts contain a highly specific terminology that should be combined to form linguistically correct sentences. Otherwise, drawing upon solely correct terminology would not be sufficient to make what is translated understandable and clear. Based on these assumptions, a legal text translated by more than 50 Siirt University sophomores shall be taken as a basis for the study to reveal whether competence errors have something to do with errors and misunderstandings or not. Furthermore, the relationship between linguistic competence and success in translation shall be determined under a specific issue of language. Performance errors shall not be taken into consideration as students were given a good amount of time to translate the relevant texts. Finally, it is recommended that studies which shall be designed to reveal the relationship between competence errors and other texts translations be conducted.


Competence errors, legal translation, performance errors, inadequate learning

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