The Science Perception of Turkish Teacher Candidates
Türkçe Öğretmen Adaylarının Bilim Algısı

Author : Mustafa TÜRKYILMAZ
Number of pages : 36-49


It was aimed that determine the science perception of Turkish teacher candidates with this research. For this purpose, a semi-structured interview form was applied to 53 Turkish Language Education students, 39 of whom were women and 14 were men. There were 9 questions in the semi-form in order to find out the quality of pre-service teachers’ perceptions of science. Meanwhile the results obtained can be expressed as follows. The participants wrote the first names that came to mind when Turkish scientists were mentioned, as Aziz Sancar, İlber Ortaylı and Halil İnalcık respectively. It was observed by the teacher candidates that science is compared to “space, tree, plane, snowball, foreign language and galaxy”. In the research, the participants were also asked to draw pictures about connotations formed in their minds when science is mentioned. Looking at these pictures, it was seen that technological products, laboratories and laboratory materials were drawn more. In addition, the participants stated that they would like to work in medicine, space and education respectively, if they were a scientist. However itself as the scientific evaluation of more than half of Turkish teacher candidates, it is understood to consider whether emphasis on science in Turkey. It has been observed that teacher candidates evaluate USA and Japan scientifically in the top two ranks among the countries of the world.


Turkish education, pre-service teacher, science perception.