Analysis of Translation of Maupassant’s Short Story “La Parure” into Turkish in terms of Translation Theories and Procedures
Çeviri Stratejileri ve İşlemleri Açısından Maupassant’ın “La Parure” Öyküsünün Türkçe’ye Çevirilerinin İncelenmesi

Author : Perihan YALÇIN -Esra ATMACA
Number of pages : 187-199


It is widely accepted that literary translation is a multidimensional activity. Translation of short stories seems to be widely preferred by several translators considering that it is easy because of its length. Contrary to this popular opinion, rather than short stories’ length, the existence of intensified and purified language differentiates short stories from novels. In the literary field, short stories are more similar to poems than prose. Short story is a literary genre that bears the traces of every person’s life and aims to teach lessons about everyday life. Keeping this in mind, three different translations of Guy de Maupassant’s short story “La Parure” into Turkish by different translators in different years will be analyzed. We aim to analyze these translations based on the translation strategies and procedures within the framework of Gideon Toury’s Target-Oriented Translation Theory.


Guy de Maupassant, Short story, La Parure, Translation strategies, Target-oriented translation theory