Idiostil - An Important Aspect of the Analysis of a Fictional Text for the Development of Critical Thinking
İdiostil-Eleştirel Düşüncenin Gelişimi İçin Kurgusal Bir Metnin Analizinin Önemli Bir Yönü

Number of pages : 136-144


In the era of the development of modern global information technology, the expansion of the media space and the functional load, the need for analytical and critical thinking skills has become clear. Time has shown a person how important it is to analyze new information and make conclusions quickly, to be able to express one's opinion and principled attitude towards events, to understand the way in the labyrinths of manipulated information, to distinguish between false and true, to filter and critically evaluate information. Therefore, preference is given to the development of these skills in the modern educational concept. Analytical and critical thinking are considered high thinking skills. The best way to develop them is to teach literature, one of the main goals and results of which is to develop a deep understanding of the text and access to the subtexts in it; The artistic text really allows for this with an infinite depth of thought, a variety of interpretations and many aspects of research. The efforts of modern education researchers are also aimed at finding effective ways to achieve this goal. What effective teaching strategies do we use to get the desired result? What are the main problems in the process of teaching literature? - Which methods are best for developing analytical and critical thinking to make the result better and more productive? These are topical issues, the clear answers to which will help us to develop a correct, effective result-oriented concept. The present article is based on the search for answers to these questions. It discusses one important aspect of the analysis of a fictional text - idiocy and ways and means of its effective use; We think that the results of the study of the views of European and Georgian researchers and scientists, concepts and theories, the study of pedagogical practice posted on the Internet and the observation of their own work experience will be of some help to those interested in teaching literature.


İdiostil, technology, analytical and critical thinking, education, functional.