İlk Okuma-Yazma Öğretiminde Kullanılan Yöntem Ve Kaynaklara İlişkin Öğretmen Görüşleri (Ankara/Yenimahalle Örneği)
Teacher Opinions about Methods And Resources Used At The First Literacy Teaching (Example of Yenimahalle/Ankara)

Author : Hüseyin POLAT
Number of pages : 166-186


In this study opinions of teachers working in primary schools, about program and resources used in the first literacy teaching were determined. Research is a screening model and a descriptive study. In this study was used questionnaire. The research was conducted in the direction of answers were given by 210 teachers who are teaching at first grade in ten elementary schools in the center of Yenimahalle district of Ankara. One hundred eighty-five of the teachers who participated in the research are ladies and twenty five of them are mans. The schools in the study were determined by unbiased cluster sampling. The universe of this research was the teachers who are working in Yenimahalle district of Ankara and were teaching first literacy at first grade elementary schools or the teachers who are teaching first literacy for the last five years. Frequencies which are from quantitative research techniques were used in the analysis of the data. The informations obtained from the research are collected under two main themes: Teachers’ views on the method of first literacy teaching and teachers’ views on textbooks. As a result of the research, the textbooks given free of charge by the state were found to be inadequate the targets are achieved and the program used in teaching first literacy is generally suitable to Turkish alphabet system, to the level of students and to target behaviors.


Konuşma, çocuk kitapları, yazınsal metin.

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