Information For Reviewers

International Journal of Languages’ Education and Teaching (IJLET) is a blind reviewed journal published online. The editorial board is recruiting reviewers for the journal. Please note that it is a voluntary activity and hence no financial remuneration will be given to the reviewers. The language of the work can be English and Turkish. The medium of the work is internet. Reviewer’s name and affiliation will be listed in the printed journal and on the journal’s webpage. 

Editors send submitted article to reviewers via our Article Following System. If an article gets negative revievision, Editor can send article to one more referee for an extra thought.

Referee can communicate with editor(s) and Author can reach to editor(s) by sending message about suggestions and extra warnings via our Article Following Sysyem on the web site.

Referees can add necessary corrections about the article to the Article Following System.

In general, the reviewer reports are based on the originality of the studies, methods, ethical considerations, consistent presentation of the findings and results and analysis of the studies with respect to literature. This evaluation is done according to the following:

  1. Introduction and Literature: The reviewer report includes views about the presentation and aims of the problem addressed in the study, the importance of the topic, the scope of the related literature, the originality and topicality of the study.
  2. Method: The reviewer report includes views about the appropriateness of the research method, sample choice and properties, validity and reliability issues, as well as data collection and data analysis.
  3. Findings: The reviewer report includes views about the presentation of the findings obtained through the method, the accuracy of the analysis methods, the consistency of the aims and findings of the study, the presentation of tables, diagrams and visuals that are needed, and the conceptual evaluation of the scales.
  4. Evaluation and Discussion: The reviewer report includes views about discussions based on findings, suitability with the research question(s) and hypothesis(ses), generalizability and applicability.
  5. Results and Suggestions: The reviewer report includes views about contribution to literature, recommendations for future studies and suggestions about applications in the field.
  6. Style and Wording: The reviewer report includes views about whether the title comprises the content of the study, whether the Turkish language is used accurately and whether APA6 rules are observed in giving references and in-text references in parallel with the language of the full text.
  7. Overall Evaluation: The reviewer report includes views about the originality of the study as a whole and the contribution it makes to the education literature and applications.

In the review process, reviewers are not expected to redact the study according to its galley features.