Translation of Translation
Übersetzung Der Übersetzung

Author : Aysel Nursen DURDAĞI
Number of pages : 42-51


In Germany, new works of authors with migration background are published almost every day. According to statistics Turkish people form the largest ethnic majority in German. Correspondingly, there are more authors and poets among this group who use German language to form their works and reach out to their readers. This type of literature is defined in various terms such as guest workers’ literature, intercultural literature or hybrid literature. What is the difference of migration literature? How these works are perceived by Germans and by authors’ fellow countrymen? What is the feedback authors receive from their own country and mostly notably how are these works translated? Has it been easier for translators to translate such works compared to their colleagues? This article aims to answer these questions with reference to E.Sevgi Özdamar’s works, particularly ‘’The Bridge of the Golden Horn’’.


migrant literature, migration background, hybrid literature intercultural literature, reflextransla

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