Hopelessness, Suicide and Death at Franz Kafka
Franz Kafka’da Umutsuzluk, İntihar ve Ölüm

Author : Fatma KARAMAN
Number of pages : 158-165


Franz Kafka is a world-famous writer, who has been extensively edited and researched. When the works of Kafka are analyzed, one can clearly see that his works bear the imprints of his life. Because the events that Kafka experienced played an important role in the occurring of his literary works. Thus, Kafka's works offer us both a literary workshop and a glimpse into his personal world, which is not easy to understand. Especially in his diaries, which he made no literary thoughts about poetry, we can see him transparent. Kafka speaks himself in his diaries as if a man was in front of him, or he makes bilateral talks. These conversations sometimes occurred as an accusation sometimes as catharsis. In the present work, Kafka's diaries were elaborated on the concepts of hopelessness, suicide and death. The psychoanalytic literature theory was also employed in this work. In this context the works of the so-called author were analyzed, the expressions, which contain terms "hopelessness, suicide and death", were determined and these for example put to work. The diaries sufficed in offering the abstract data to the author, although the diaries are considered as a literary text. Kafka was very clear to the readers by his books. Because the author expresses himself in his books exactly his own ego bwz. his experiences. As a result of our study, it was seen that Kafka often experienced hopelessness and due to this feeling he thought the suicide and death.


Franz Kafka, diaries, hopelessness, suicide, death

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